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DeviceNet Products

DN-100 Series (includes DN-101)
DeviceNet 1-in, 1-out 24V Discrete I/O

The DeviceNet DN-100 series provides a single digital input and a single digital output in a sealed tubular package (166mm x 22.4 mm dia.)  This device provides an ideal network attachment solution for a variety of non-networked sensor/actuator combinations.  The input devices can be proximity or photoelectric sensors, dry contacts, or switches. Sensor power is provided by the network. The network powered output provides a regulated 24V supply for LED or incandescent lamps, relays, or solenoids. Multiple packaging options are available.


  • Direct replacement for Allen-Bradley DeviceLink
  • Choice of a mini connector, micro connector, or thin cable only for DeviceNet and I/O access
  • Combined diagnostic LED display for Module Status and Network Status
  • MAC ID and baud rate programmable over the network
  • Completely network powered; does not require a separate power supply for inputs or outputs
  • DC input capable of handling NPN or PNP sensors
  • Output current of 100mA to drive a small incandescent bulb or LED equivalent
  • Available in a sealed housing (DN-101) or as a PCB only (DN-100)

Configuration Options:

 Connector Code  Connector Type
0 mini style
1 micro style
2 cable only
 Cable Length Code  Length (in meters)
05 0.5
10 1.0
20 2.0
30 3.0

The following are common configurations for the DN-101. If you need help finding the right configuration for your application, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

  • DN-100 - PCB only, wire pigtails 150mm, #22 AWG.
  • DN-101-005-005 - Mini style DeviceNet connector on a 0.5m cable, mini style I/O connector on a 0.5m cable.
  • DN-101-005-205 - Mini style DeviceNet connector on a 0.5m cable, 0.5m of I/O cable with no connector.
  • DN-101-230-110 - 3.0m of DeviceNet cable with no connector, micro style I/O connector on a 1.0m cable.

DeviceNet Features:

Device Type: Generic
Explicit Peer to Peer Messaging: N
I/O Peer to Peer Messaging: N
Configuration Consistency Value: N
Faulted Node Recovery: N
Baud Rates: 125K, 250K, 500K
Master/Scanner: N
I/O Slave Messaging:  
    Bit Strobe N
    Polling Y
    Cyclic N
    Change of State (COS) N
Configuration Method:  EDS
DeviceNet 1-in, 1-out 24V Discrete I/O