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DeviceNet Made to Order I/O

Huron Net Works specializes in custom DeviceNet I/O. We can bring DeviceNet capability, optimized for your specific requirements, to your products. We have provided instant network-capable product lines for major industrial control suppliers providing systems for material handling, material pull, automatic paint spray, robotic welding, motor control, and quality assurance.  We will support your engineering and production teams from concept through production. 


  • Electronics to fit your package. We will provide a complete manufactured solution for you to drop into your products.
  • Private label. Your company name can put directly on our custom or standard modules or included electronically, or both.
  • Miniature interfaces. When space is at a premium, we make good use of it. With efficient electrical and mechanical designs, along with state of the art manufacturing, we get things small.
  • Variety of I/O Mixes. You name it - NPN or PNP, DC or AC, digital or analog.
  • I/O Subsystems. We provide necessary inter-device communications or logic functions for your device.
  • Low Cost. Our custom solutions have cost as little as half that of trying to "piece" together a set of general-purpose devices.
  • Low Quantity. We leverage a broad base of engineering and manufacturing experience that gives you custom solutions at off-the-shelf volumes.
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