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DeviceNet 16-in Sealed Block

The DN-IDS16 is a low cost input module which allows direct connection of sensors, limit switches, or other discrete input devices to DeviceNet. This compact design provides 16 inputs via 8 standard micro-style (12mm) connectors.


  • Supports up to 16 discrete DC inputs which can be NPN, PNP or any mix
  • Quick connect micro-style connectors used for inputs and standard mini-style for bus attachment
  • Sealed housing includes integral mounting tabs for easy installation
  • Diagnostic LED indicators for status of module, network and individual inputs
  • Fully bus powered - does not require separate supply for sensors or switches
  • Standard DeviceNet slave with non-volatile storage of network parameters

DeviceNet Features:

Device Type: Generic
Explicit Peer to Peer Messaging : N
I/O Peer to Peer Messaging: N
Configuration Consistency Value: N
Faulted Node Recovery: N
Baud Rates: 125K, 250K, 500K
Master/Scanner: N
I/O Slave Messaging:  
    Bit Strobe N
    Polling Y
    Cyclic N
    Change of State (COS) N
Configuration Method:  EDS