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Pneumatic Products

8 Port Pneumatic Manifold Valve with 24V Control

The PMV08 Pneumatic Manifold Valve converts a 24V electrical command signal to a pneumatic signal. Typically used in paint booths, the PMV08 is perfect for applications which require pneumatic control to eliminate fire and explosion hazard from the manufacturing environment.  Offering eight electronically controlled solenoid valves and an eight port manifold assembly, the PMV08 installs conveniently into a standard 3U subrack.


  • Direct replacement for FESTO Type IC-8M 3/2-2.0-24 PH
  • Utilizes SMC's innovative SYJ300 series solenoid valves
  • Manual override switches and status LED for each port
  • Standard DIN 41612 32-pin male control interface connector
  • "MANUAL ON" status power LED
  • Replacements also available for FESTO Types:
    • IC-8M 3/2-2.0-24 TH
    • IC-8M 3/2-0.9-24 PH
    • IC-8M 3/2-0.9-24 TH
    • IC-8MO 3/2-0.9-24 PH
    • IC-8MO 3/2-0.9-24 TH


  Min Typ Max
Current consumption (all 8 Inputs on) - - 250mA
Pneumatic pressure 22 psi - 100 psi
  1.52 bar - 6.89 bar
Input Voltage (Input 1-8) 22.6VDC 24VDC 26.4VDC
Manual ON Voltage 22.6VDC 24VDC 26.4VDC
Current consumption (per Input)    - 26mA -
Solenoid Normal Position Closed