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Profibus DP 4-in, 4-out 24V Discrete I/O

The PDP-400 provides a Profibus interface to control and monitor 4 general I/O points and includes two extra inputs to monitor on-board and external 24 VDC auxiliary power. Providing duplicate Profibus and power connectors and configurable power options, the PDP-400 offers a low cost solution for any Profibus application. Further, with the same footprint as our DeviceNet DN-400 and our EtherNet/IP EIP-400, it's easy to change your applications to meet any networking needs!


  • PROFIBUS-DP V0 slave protocol
  • PROFIBUS-DP ground isolated from power and I/O
  • Separate primary power and output power connectors with a jumper option for a single source
  • 4 PNP (sourcing) DC inputs
  • 4 isolated, 1 Amp protected, PNP (sourcing) DC outputs
  • Rotary switch configuration of Station Address
  • Compact 68mm x 60mm footprint with mounting holes
  • Packaged and/or custom versions available upon request

Profibus Features:

Profibus Version: DP-V0
RS485 Baudrate: 9.6 kbits/s - 12 Mbits/s
Automatic Baudrate Detection: Yes
Sync Mode: Yes
Freeze Mode: Yes
I/O Length: 1 byte of input,
1 byte of output

PDP-400 | Profibus DP 4-in, 4-out 24V Discrete I/O