Huron Net Works

Our product offerings cover the spectrum from standard to custom, from packaged to embedded boards, from manufacturing to design and training to consulting services. We specialize in technologies including industrial networking (DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet/IP), medical, and telecommunications (cellular, GPS). Ask us what we can do for you!

New Product Alert!
DeviceGate PMV08 PDP-400
Ethernet-to- DeviceNet Interface
Now 10/100Mbps!
8 Port Pneumatic Manifold Valve with 24V Control Profibus DP-V0 4-in, 4-out 24V Discrete I/O

DeviceNet robotic tool changers

Robotic welding:

  • I/O modules for valve control and position sensing
  • DeviceNet actuator and ID modules for robotic tool changers for G
  • eneral Motors tool suppliers
  • Electronics for pneumatic manifolds for "dense packs"
  • Electronics for Water Savers

DeviceNet material handling controllers and I/O

Material handling:

  • I/O Modules for valve control and position sensing
  • Modules used for powered roller conveyer zone control for Post Office mail handling system
  • Pioneers of four zone conveyer controllers with logic and peer-to-peer communications allowing switch configurable conveyer

Pushbutton and stack light I/O network interfaces

Assembly line actuators and monitoring:

  • Modules for lighted push button pendants used in material call and quality control applications
  • Modules for stack lights
  • Network interfaces for nut-runner tools
  • Network interfaces for torque-monitors

DeviceNet high voltage and flow controllers

Process automation:

  • Network interfaces for mass flow controllers and vacuum gauges for chip fabrication
  • Modules to pilot and monitor current on ventilation fans
  • DeviceNet interfaces for high voltage power supply controllers used in paint spray systems

Medical devices

Medical devices:

  • Intravascular temperature and pressure sensing devices
  • Experience in product safety and EMC testing for FDA approval

Cellular, GPS, RFID, and Fiber optic systems


  • Custom cellular device with GPS positioning
  • ID reader and tagging experience
  • Fiber optic sensing systems